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A new age is upon us. The days of businesses relying only on a good location, the yellow pages or simply word of mouth are long over. If you want your business to dominate in this day and age, you will need POWER and LEVERAGE. The greatest source of power for any savvy business owner to use is the power of internet search marketing.  Google is now the number one lead driver out of all marketing strategies, and the collective power of social media is not far behind.  This power exists through both the written word, and now, more than ever through video. Our SEO experts grab onto this power through highly focused collaboration with you in relation to your business goals.  And then we unleash the full force with the greatest amount of leverage. We utilize leverage through state-of-the-art SEO strategies that are kept in lockstep with the weekly changes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  We drive the most powerful online resources so that you take the leadership position online in your industry.

Our Process



PHASE ONE – Through this phase, we dive in and explore every area of your business that forms your identity. Your SEO expert discovery includes learning about your business practices, client interactions, chief competitors and their tactics, and your positioning in the current market cycle. We examine selling propositions, pricing and your overall niche within the industry.

The Website Review 1
Content Examination 2
Competitive Evaluation 3
Business Examination 4


We begin with a deep review of website effectiveness, speed, On Page setup, conversion rates & more. We examine everything about the current effectiveness of your website. Are you loading quickly? Is your sitemap allowing Google to crawl effectively? Are you set up to convert visitors into clients? And most importantly, do you have a baseline site structure that is conducive to SEO or is the URL structure of the site disorganized?


Here we discover that type of content that is working for you and working against you. Is your site effectively getting content picked up by Google?  Do other sites link back to you because your website is giving outstanding information? Are you displaying the right mix of words, videos images, and graphics?


Our expert SEO team will research the websites that are your chief competitors.  We’ll see in what areas they are beating you online and why.  Then we’ll take the best of what they are doing and incorporate it into our overall strategic action plan. You’ll be amazed at what we will find and how interesting it can be to unlock the secrets of your competitors.


Here we shift finish with an examination of what makes your brand unique.  We’ll gain a clear view of where we are today and what we can accomplish in the future with a grand vision and incredible execution.

Completed projects
Happy clients
Working hours
Great feedbacks



Now it’s time to take what we have learned about your business and competitors and formulate our working battle plan. In this phase, we clearly lay out our key themes of execution to place you in a long-term dominant online position.

Keyword Research 1
Keyword Planning 2
Link Profiling 3
Link Development 4
Content Planning 5
Content Calendar 6


The first phase of strategic implementation is based upon meticulous, robust keyword research and planning. We spend countless hours reviewing (a) the keywords that you currently rank for and the volume of traffic that they bring to your business (b) your desired targets that you are not currently hitting with success (C) the areas that your chief competitors have progressed with.


Here we map out your list of keywords to attack along with the context of their usage. We divide the types of keywords into two silos – (a) your money keywords which will relate to pages where visitors will interact, make a purchase or take an important step towards becoming a client and (2) keywords that relate to informative content.  These keywords are utilized as part of your content distribution drivers.


Link building is the core driver of domain ranking on Google; it’s how Google primarily recognizes what each website does and just how valuable it is in the eyes of the online community of billions of website domains. We examine your current profile and design the optimal profile for top page ranking.


We then take your optimal link profile and build a plan around it.  This plan will keep you supremely popular in the eyes of Google and logically move you up in the search engine results according to the keyword areas that we have collaboratively decided to attack.

strategy-development-2Here we decide to plan the exact types of content that will be used to drive your keywords into optimal positioning. We’ll research how to tap into how your can serve your customers and potential customers with highly useful and interesting content.


We create a calendar outlining the themes, dates and times by which we will post the most impactful content that we have brainstormed. You’ll know exactly what is planned for the month along with the estimated power of each piece of content.



Here we put our plans into motion and drive results. It’s where the tireless work ethic of our SEO agency presses for relentless progress towards our goals and objective.


Putting the Work In

We attack our work with passion and execute on our well-thought-out strategies that have been designed perfectly for the expansion of your online power and reputation.

Tracking Systems Running

We run our analytics systems that will keep you updated with the progress that we are making towards the mutually set objectives.

Content Execution

Here we make certain that we are publishing content on a consistent basis that matches the tone, voice and messaging the is strongest to lead your industry.


We diligently keep track of where we are and what we have been doing along our massive action plan to success.




Once we have put all of the key growth factors into place and experienced a base set of inertia, the time has come to turbo charge our results.  By adopting these rocket fueled items, your business will take off into new territory for online dominance. The SEO Agency brings in the outside assets to reinforce and propel everything that we are doing faster and with greater power.

Social Media Precision
Video Circulation
Diverse Link Building
Measure and Optimize

ongoing-power-tactics4Social Media Precision

Social media is an extremely effective group of tools when used for their purpose.  To develop a following and drive traffic to your website. We put in place a social media plan that turbo charges your online position.  We propel the image of your brand forward and make your brand look very, very good in the eyes of your prospects and clients.

ongoing-power-tactics1Video circulation

We expand the power of your videos through the youtube search engines and built very strong credibility to your youtube page – carving out your place as the industry leader in your field.

ongoing-power-tacticsDiverse Link Building

Here we harness the raw power of expert SEO. We make your site popular in the eyes of the websites and authors through the building of a widely diverse stable of links that power up your site.

ongoing-power-tactics3Measure and Optimize

We see where the strategies have taken us.  Analyze the data, and then continue moving forward with similar tactics that are driving results or we adjust to new openings that numbers and our competitors may have revealed.


Our process is bold and aggressive. The standard work day at the SEO agency is a minimum of twelve hours, and our clients see those results from the overwhelming efforts placed into your online properties. You’ll see relentless progress through strong messaging, powerful validation from trusted sources and robust reputation improvement. We improve websites in every imaginable way through stunning visual designs that capture attention and highly efficient conversion rates. But the real beauty is in the structure.  A website without traffic is a business card sitting on a desk. We build websites with the most current SEO structure that is up-to-the-minute with the latest preferences of Google. Our structure is second to none, and it places you in a position to win big in the most efficient way possible. And for those businesses needing only minor modifications to their website, we implement our proprietary ROCKET fuel to turbo charge their effectiveness. 



Make no mistake about it; search engine optimization is now more important than ever. This form of direct user marketing is the most effective way to drive leads that turn into customers, which drive revenue to new levels for your business. Billboards, direct mail marketing, cold calling, and even television spots are now history; they are left behind the powerful emergence of SEO. We don’t waste resources buying billboards that thousands of people see each day with no desire or use for your products or services. Instead, the SEO agency utilizes razor sharp analytics to reach the people that are already interested in your exact areas of business.  We attack search marketing and drive results for consumers that are ready to buy and convert. This method is several times more efficient than any other.

What is at the core of an expert SEO Company?

So what exactly is SEO?

AAn outstanding SEO company delivers the results that a business needs for getting their highest priority keywords indexed by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They listen closely to the needs of their clients and develop custom search engine optimization strategies that are tailored to their particular strengths.  Starting out, you want to tackle some of the smaller goals to gain momentum and trust in the eyes of google to serve as a foundation for larger more competitive goals. Then progress picks up steam as more sophisticated search engine optimization strategy is utilized. You’ll see that this is a long-term process where the road to online dominance travels through clearly defined stages. A strong search marketer communicates exactly where the client is through each and every stage.

IIn looking at our home base, we have our headquarters as Miami SEO agency, but branch out to multiple locations across America, handling a wide variety of clients and geographic locations. We will be able to do the same for you in terms of your outreach or potential expansion.  No matter how big or small the size of your firm, we can customize your power to each geographic area of business and beyond through our wide-reaching expert search engine optimization team.

YYou’ll notice that the pricing we set after your consultation will make perfect sense for the desired level of competition that you would like to take on. Feel comfortable knowing that there is no business that we can’t surpass in search engine rankings with the proper amount of time and resources implemented into our action plan. And we will be able to bring you pricing for affordable SEO service through utilizing that latest search marketing techniques that are extremely effective and efficient.  We offer worry free month-to-month contracts as our standard business practice. You’ll want to stay with our SEO company, you won’t have to.

Begin your rise to complete online dominance within your industry.

Watch the success of your business rise to unprecedented new levels.