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Meet Humberto Hernandez


The SEO Agency was born out of necessity. Like virtually every entrepreneur at some point in time, Company Founder, Humberto Hernandez, realized that SEO was the single most potent form of lead, traffic and client generation for any business that he was running. All other forms of marketing were secondary in terms of the power that they could give a business to rise above competitors. 

Knowing this, he went out and hired one SEO company after the next with negligible results. These so-called SEO teams were simply reading optimization tactics on the internet and were patching strategies for Humberto’s businesses. There was a lot of jargon used and confusing terminology that left him deeply frustrated.

It was time to take new radically different actions.  He had enough…and developed alliances with the top affiliate marketers in the world and went into a three-year period of deep research and hands-on testing of SEO tactics. The results were startling. With the proper plan, any website, in any business, can reach the top of the search engine rankings. 


The SEO Agency was born and continues to run off of search engine optimization tactics that are the most cutting-edge, current up to the very day that they are being implemented.

“Google is changing the way that they analyze and rank sites every day. A business owner must partner up with an SEO expert that runs their strategies off of their own testing.” Humberto explained. “We know the temperature of google indexing at all times and lay down strategies that are three steps ahead. It’s a lot like chess.”

If you do not have this level of search engine optimization knowledge and experience, there is a good chance that your site will either go nowhere or may get penalized by google, which could be catastrophic to the overall success of any company. If you do not have expert SEO advice on building the structure of your website, you will greatly limit yourself.  And if you do not understand the integration between social media and SEO, you results will be limited.


At the SEO Agency, from the moment that you have the first conversation with us, you will know very, very clearly that we know the science of search engine optimization as well as anyone in the world. We integrate and drive SEO behind all of our other supporting marketing services to give you an impenetrable advantage.

Now is your time. It’s time to dominate your field and bring in exponentially more leads, traffic and revenue.